OUR NEW CD IS OUT! You can order our CDs  by contacting us at  vintage@vintageacoustic.cc. or calling 276-238-1375.  Our new CD: GRANDMA'S BREAD, as well as REST MY WEARY FEET, SWEET PEACE and THE MASTERS GARDEN are available through CD Baby.  Check it out at http://cdbaby.com/cd/billandmaggieanderson2

Our latest CD is now out! We continue to feel blessed to have Jody King so masterfully record, produce, and engineer our CDs at his After 5 Studio in Ararat Virginia. He also plays banjo wonderfully well on: "Mama Loved the Redbirds", "Just as Long as You Love Me", "Red Clay Halo", "It's Alright", and "Evelina." Cheri Williams has done the outstanding photography for this CD. Bill is playing a carved bass he made and a VA-OM east Indian rosewood and torrified spruce top guitar he made in 2016. Maggie continues to play the sweet sapele dobro Bill made for her years ago. Jody is playing a unique banjo of his design and construction. As you can see from the list of songs below, we are very taken with the songwriting of Mark "Brink" Brinkman as evidenced by the fact that 5 of the songs on this CD are written by him!

The CD Play list is:

1. Mama Loved the Redbirds - Mark Brinkman

2. Grandma's Bread - Mark Brinkman

3. Just as Long as You Love Me - Buck Owens

4. It Don't Take Much - Mark Brinkman

5. You Are What I Am - Gordon Lightfoot

6. Younger Side of Old - Mark Brinkman

7. My Heart's Own Love - Hazel Dickens

8. Cash on the Barrelhead - Charlie and Ira Louvin

9. Red Clay Halo - Gillian Welsh

10. Hickory Wind - Gram Parsons

11. It's Alright With Me - Jackson Leap

12. Evelina - Josh Graves

13. From the Third Day On - Mark Brinkman

Our CD recorded in 2015 is Rest My Weary Feet. It includes some songs we have been sharing for a long time, but are on CDs that are now out of print and some new/old songs we're excited about being able to share. Our thanks to Miss Becky Buller for the wonderful story song - the title cut!


It was recorded with Jody King as our producer, engineer and all around encourager at his After 5 Studio.  The photography was by Cheri Williams. Bill is playing a Brazilian Norman Blake guitar he made and Maggie is playing that same sweet sapele dobro Bill made years ago for her. Bill is also playing a carved bass he put together and Jody is playing a banjo he made on “Red Haired Boy/Cherokee Shuffle".  The CD playlist is:

1. Rest My Weary Feet - Becky Buller

2. Redwood Hill - Norman Blake

3. Follow Me Back to the Fold - Dixie Hall

4. Paul and Peter Walked - Chris Stuart

5. Wabash Cannonball - traditional

6. The L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore - Jean Richie

7. Goin' Home - Marshal Warwick

8. Red Haired Boy/ Cherokee Shuffle - traditional

9. Sprinhill Mine - Chris Stuart

10. Silver and Gold - Lisa Aschmann/Mark Simos

11. Last Train From Poor Valley - Norman Blake

12. Green Pastures - traditional

13. Old Train - Herb Pedersen/Nikki Pedersen

14. Beyond the Rain - Mark Brinkman


Sweet Peace




Sweet Peace – was released in May 2013. It was recorded at After 5 Studio by Jody King, who also did the producing, mixing and mastering. The photography was by Cheri Williams. Bill is playing a Brazilian OOOO short scale guitar he made and Maggie is playing that same sweet sapele dobro Bill made years ago for her. Bill is also playing a carved bass he put together and Jody is playing a banjo he made on “Stony Creek”.

The titles on it are:

     1     Lonesome Pine – Wayne Taylor

     2     Sing Me Back Home – Merel Haggard

     3     Man Can't Live on Bread Alone – Charley Stefi/Gene Ellsworth/Brad Rogers

     4     He Walked All the Way Home – David Norris

     5     Mountain Song – Chad Jerrers, Kieran Kane

     6     Some Day – Olive Stockton, Tim Stafford

     7     Stony Creek – Jesse McReynolds

     8     Mamma's Hand - Hazel Dickens

     9     Ringing off the Hill – C.J. Anderson (our son)

     10     Just Lovin' You – J. O”Hara, K. Kane

     11     Mary Did You Know? - Mark Lowry, Buddy Greene

     12     Catfish John – McDill, Reynolds

     13     He Whispers Sweet Peace to Me - traditional



The Master's Garden

The Master's Garden - is all-gospel!  It was recorded and produced by Jimmy Edmonds, January 2010, mastered by Wes Easter with photography by Cheri Williams, and graphic design by Ben Anderson.  Bill is playing the same short-scale guitar he played on our last album and a bass he put together (an all carved model).  Maggie is playing that same sweet sapele dobro Bill made for her and Jimmy Edmonds played a fiddle he made on two of the cuts.  It's not available through County Sales yet, but we're working on it and hope to have it available through CD-Baby and I-tunes soon.  You can go to our fan page "Bill and Maggie Anderson" on Facebook for some audio clips.


Songs on it are:

    1. The Master's Garden - Becky Buller, Goodnight Sparky Music, BMI

    2. Tramp on the Street - Grady and Hazel Cole, Dixie Music Publishing Co.

    3. It's Not What You Know - Carl Jackson/Jerry Salley, Universal Music-Mulitsong-US Latino

    4. Born Again - Bill and Maggie Anderson, Vintage Acoustic

    5. What a Friend We Have in Jesus - traditional

    6. Fallen Leaves - Louis M. Jones 1968 Papa Lou Recordings, BMI

    7. Little White Church - traditional

    8. Sin City - Gram Parsons/Chris Hillman, Irving Music, Inc

    9. Long Black Train - Josh Turner, Sony ATV

    10. Ring the Bell - Chet O'Keefe, Street Publishing, ASCAP

    11. God Spoke His Name, Chris Stuart, Backcountry Music, ASCAP

    12. I Am a Pilgrim - traditional

    13. I See God Coming Down the Road, Chris Stuart, Backcountry Music, BMI

    14. How Great Thou Art - traditional



 Road into Town

Road Into Town - our fourth CD           

We are honored to have Chris Stuart write the liner notes for this album and for Bill Knowlton to write a review calling it "another fine CD by two of Central New York's favorite oldtime country and bluegrass artists.... fully demonstrates (their) versatility..." This album was reviewed in the December 2004 issue of Bluegrass Unlimited  in which Les McIntyre said "The music of Bill and Maggie Anderson has a warm down-home feeling, and hopefully 'Road Into Town' will introduce their music to new audiences."

1. Road Into Town - Chris Stuart, Backcountry Music, BMI

2. Oh Mandolin- Herb McCullogh, Debbie Nims, Taylor Pie

3. Silver Quarter - Chris Stuart, Backcountry Music, BMI

4. By the Mark - Gillian Welch/ David Rawlings

5. Open Road - Leigh Gibson, Brown Bird Songs, BMI

6. Wings of a Dove - arranged by Bill and Maggie Anderson

7. Silver and Gold - Lisa Aschmann/Mark Simos, Nashville Geographic (ASCAP)/Devachan Music BMI

8. Let Me Fly Low - Dixie Hall, BMI

9. Red Clay Halo - Gillian Welch/David Rawlings

10. Dobro Chimes - B. Kirby, Ft. Knox Music, BMI

11. Ghost Stories - Bo Jamison/Jim Benson/Bill Cook, Dark Moon Music

12. California Cottonfields - Dallas Frazier

13. Thank You Jesus - Lyrics by Ken Oakley

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